We are the Brown's, and this is where we store our travelling memories.

Through backpacking we are learning more about the world. And the world of others.

As with all activities - travelling with kids is not always plain sailing!  For years I thought we were still travelling DESPITE the kids, but I realise that we now travel BECAUSE of them.  Yes it can be harder, scarier, and a (lot) more exhausting, but the HIGHS of seeing amazing places and friends through new little eyes, and new experiences as a family; the exhilaration and pride in being pushed out of our comfort zones; the learning and growing together through new experiences...  Those bits are as addictive as they are rewarding, and send us straight back to an atlas to start planning our next adventure!

(We don't tend to use this site to recommend itineraries from the countries we have travelled through - but please feel free to contact me via Instagram (@aliceadelebrown) if you would like any information. We always love to hear from you!)